//French resources + life update//

Hello guys! So here I am, back with another French post  (it’s not like I set up a whole French blog or anything but still blog about French on here…) – what can I say, I just love French so much!!! Anyway, a little while ago I wrote a post about keeping up with language learning over the summer break where I shared some more general tips about how to practice speaking, writing, reading and listening in another language. I hope some of you found it useful! Now my summer break has actually started, I’ve been putting some of my own tips into practice to keep up with my French learning, and have since discovered that the internet really does hold a wealth of language-learning resources. However, from personal experiences of searching for hours and hours until I find something worthwhile, they aren’t always easy to find. So, today I thought I’d compile a little list of online French resources I use (some were featured in my other post) and would recommend for any of you out there learning French but also to help me when it comes to revising next year and practicing French over the summer break between A Levels and uni (because it would be awfull if I forgot French over the summer then started a French degree without actually remembering any French!).

I’ve been trying to do as much French as psossible since returing from Marseille last week, and could often be found with my head in a French magazine or book or watching French films and TV. I even went to watch a French film in the cinema on Tuesday, which was very exciting! Without further or do, here’s the list:

Conjugation-fr – gives you the conjugation of any French verb in any tense – v. handy for esay writing (sssh).

TV5Monde – lots of resources for learning french, news clips and some TV programmes!

Le Petit Prince – read the classic French childrens book online for free.

CRTV – listen to radio podcasts from Cameroon.

Native French Speech – short podcasts on a range of cultural topics which are fun to listen to.

20 years of hate  – an interesting BBC Radio 4 podcast celebrating 20 years of the film La Haine (this is the film we’re studiyng in class).

Thought Co. – this website explains French grammar really well, I particularly find it useful when I’m stuck with what preposition to use.

Resistance – a Channel 4 TV series based on young resistance fighters during Nazi occupied France in WW2  – a very good series, it has English subtitles too 🙂

Forvo – great for learning new vocab and improving your prnounciation.

Duolingo – learning vocab with a variety of interactive activities, quite fun to use (although not so great for learning grammar).

Ca m’interesse – lots of interesting, short articles on a variety of topics (I’m in love with Ca M’interesse magazines!!! They had a whole wall of them in Relay in France, but I could only get one rip, but it has over 100 pages so ‘ll be reading it a while haha).

I think that’s it for now, but chances are I’ll remember some more later and add them on haha.

On another note, I went to a Southampton University open day on Saturday, but I didn’t really like it or feel like I would fit in there, so I decided not to do a post about that. Also I’m going to watch some cricket this weekend, then next weekend I’m off to London to watch the World Para-athletics Championships at the the Olympic Stadium, which I’m quite excited about!!

Goodbye for now, and hopefully I’ll get writing again soon 🙂


Author: Em is Lost

I'm a teenage blogger who loves adventure and the great outdoors. I enjoy blogging about a range of topics including scouting, politics, feminism, world affairs and the life of a teenager in general. I am currently studying A Levels in the UK and like to practice my French through blogging as I hope to become fluent one day.

7 thoughts on “//French resources + life update//”

  1. I’d be interested in listening to ’20 Years of Hate’ – thanks for the heads up on that one! Will also have to have a look at ‘Resistance’, I’m in sore need of a new French series to watch 🙂

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  2. This has been perfect for me to read, Em, as I’m just about to try and get my French going again.
    Congratulations on your determination and drive with this beautiful language.
    I broke my wrist (looking for a bit of sympathy ?) a few weeks ago, so am staying in much more, reading and studying French!
    I ‘m learning to type quite fast with one hand so that’s a useful skill, I suppose…
    Regards. Marie.

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