//A new blog?!//

Hi guys! Don’t panic, I’m not going anywhere! I am merely here to inform you that I have set up a new blog to run alongside this one over the summer. I decided that the best way to keep up with French over the summer was to start a French blog, hence L’autre côté de la Manche was established. (For the non-french speakers, it means “the other side of the English channel” original ikr, also in the sidebar of my new blog is an option to translate into other languages so you can still read it even if you don’t speak a word of French). I plan to talk about a variety of topics, from thoughts on French films and literature, to French politics and current affairs and more personal life updates. Of course, I will also be bloggng about my trip to Marseille for which I leave this Saturday! I will probably blog about that on here too 🙂 Over the summer I’m going to try to keep up both blogs and hopefully interact with the French speaking blogosphere more. So if you have in interest in French or are learning yourself, please feel free to check out my blog and give it a follow! 

I have a lot of ideas for this blog over the summer, I hope I have more energy to right soon because after having my last day of college today, I am exhausted an will need a little while to recooperate (not to mention complete my homework and personal statement for uni applications)) before get into a bloggng frenzy!

Hope to write for you all again soon 😊


Author: Em is Lost

I'm a teenage blogger who loves adventure and the great outdoors. I enjoy blogging about a range of topics including scouting, politics, feminism, world affairs and the life of a teenager in general. I am currently studying A Levels in the UK and like to practice my French through blogging as I hope to become fluent one day.

20 thoughts on “//A new blog?!//”

  1. YESSSS I saw it and to my shock I pretty much could translate everything!!! YESS my french skills haven’t completely gone! I’m so proud of you for doing this 😀

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    1. Thanks! I’ve been learning it at school since I was about 10, so it’s been about 7 years now 😊 it was until September last year that I actually got a good teacher who taught us grammar instead of just insurmountable lists of vocabulary 😂 so I’ve suddenly become a lot more fluent over the past six months or so 😊

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  2. Good luck with it! I’m pretty sure the French Bloggers will love you ;P I absolutely don’t speak French so I will proabably only be reading your updates on here, but that doesn’t matter, when you’re still active on here xx

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  3. This is such a great idea! I definitely think it will help with your French generally and not just at school! I really wish I had done this for both GCSE and A level because it’s a fun way of keeping the language going, plus talking to native speakers is always a bonus!

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