//Your life IS worth it//

I remember being 12, when I couldn’t wait until my 13th birthday when I would actually become a teenager and embark on what I thought would be the most amazing adventure, full of new experiences and new people. Five years down the line, I can say that I have had many extraordinary experiences and had some incredible times like 12-year-old me expected, but without a doubt I’ve also had some pretty low points, which I certainly wasn’t expecting. I think being a teenager is one of the most difficult phases of our lives, with pressures from school, family, friends, future plans – not to mention the challenges we face as our bodies and identities change and we discover – or start to discover – who we truly are.

To be honest, there have been times more recently where I have contemplated ending it all, because I didn’t see how all of this struggle would be worth it or how the future could possibly offer me anything to look forward to. I’m not ashamed of it, nor am I ashamed of all the low points I’ve experienced in my life because I know that there are many teenagers out there who will have felt the same way as me at some point in their lives, and that’s okay, because we’re all in this together. I am not alone in this, and neither are you.

I think it’s important that we talk more openly about our feelings. After all, no one tells you life will be easy, so why should we stay quiet to keep up appearances, when chances are most people will know where you’re coming from?

So this is me, talking about how I’ve been feeling recently, because I know that being open about this will not only help me, but there’s the possibility that I could help someone else too. So if that someone is you, if you’ve ever contemplated if your life is really worth whatever difficulties you may be facing, then I want to tell you that it is.

There are hundreds and thousands and millions of people who have gone through what you’re going through and made it out the other side to live happy lives. That doesn’t mean your struggles are any less significant, it just means that you can do this, because you are just as strong and just as worthy of happiness as every one of them.

One thing that gets me through hard times, is remembering that everything I’m going through now will help me to become stronger in the future and make me a more compassionate person and remembering all the things I’ve gone through in the past – however big or small – that felt impossible or unbearable gives me faith that I can get through this, as can you.

Sometimes it can be difficult, even impossible, to imagine life could possibly get better and how you could possibly feel genuine happiness. When it seems like everyone around you has got their life together, and you’re just stuck in a downward spiral of negative thoughts, it will be hard, but oftentimes people’s lives don’t seem as “together” as they do from the outside so you are most definitely not alone.

Within your teenage years it can feel like your under too much pressure from all angles of your life for such a small period of your lifespan, and I’m not going to deny that because it’s true, but what I will tell you is that you’ll some out the other side with so many happy memories of all the incredible things you did and all the fun you had, and you’ll take away from the low points a greater understanding of what it is to be human, a greater compassion for others and a greater appreciation for all the little things in life that have the power to make you happy.

Basically, I’d like to tell you that your life is worth it, you are worth it. You all have amazing futures awaiting you and you have so much potential that you will achieve in one capacity or another. You will meet people who appreciate you and love you. And if it feels like some things in your life aren’t going the way you want, it’s never, ever because you don’t deserve it, or deserve to be happy, it’s because you deserve so much better than that, and it takes time for life to give you what you deserve. But I can tell you that it will be worth it all in the end.

I hope in some way this may have been helpful to you. If not, it has been helpful to me to be more open about my thoughts and this is something I will look back on in the future to remind me of a time when I felt like life was unbearable, but searched for a more optimistic outlook and struggled on through. If I can, I’d like to say that I’m proud of myself for writing this. It’s not the most coherent or logical pieces of writing, it’s just me trying to reach out and make a difference, because if there is anything that my recent mental health has taught me, it’s that I want to use my voice to show others that they’re not alone.



Author: Em is Lost

I'm a teenage blogger who loves adventure and the great outdoors. I enjoy blogging about a range of topics including scouting, politics, feminism, world affairs and the life of a teenager in general.

18 thoughts on “//Your life IS worth it//”

    1. Yeah, I agree. That’s definitely true, suffering will make up such a small proportion of your life in the grand scheme of things, and there are so many exciting things that lay ahead in the future that you need to be there to experience!

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    1. You’re very welcome, it’s something I needed to write so I’m glad you can relate (although it’s sad that so many teens feel under so much pressure, it just goes to prove that we’re not alone and we can all get through this together 💕)

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    1. Aww same tbh, I wish I’d had more of insight on the wider importance of life instead of just focusing on what’s happening in the now, but I guess you learn as you get older and go through different things x

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  1. This post means a lot to me. I don’t feel much better, but knowing that things have gotten better for others gives me a sense of hope. Please keep writing posts like this, because sitting here on the verge of tears in class, I’ve never needed to read something like this more than I do now. Sending my love xx

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    1. Yes I get you, when I read about other bloggers experiencing steps towards better mental health or just sharing happy moments, it does give me hope too. Sometimes having hope is all we can do to hold on, but sometimes hope is all we need to get better. I believe in you, you can and will get through this, stay strong xx

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  2. This is an amazing post! I really needed it especially right now. Like you, I had so much hopes and dreams for my teen years but to be honest, this year (I’m 15) has been my worst one yet. Both my brothers left to university in other continents so I was left all alone. My friends and I have been going through so much problems and on top of that, I got panic attacks (got diagnosed with an Anxiety disorder). These were all a nightmare.

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    1. I’m glad it could help. I’m so sorry to hear that, I think this has been my worst year too, and I get you – my sister moved away to uni and it’s put a huge strain on the family and I started a new college so have drifted away from my friends. I can imagine it hasn’t been a great year for you, but there are better times to come, and you should be proud of all that you’ve made it through so far 😊

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  3. I think you’re a genuinely genuine individual and I’m glad that you’ve kept pushing onwards and upwards through life. Something I’ve noticed is how you analyse and discuss things very thoroughly, which to me is really lovely to see because I can see how intricately you think about things. The first bit in particular had my head nodding – I too never expected teenaged life to pan out so…unexpectedly. It’s not as glossy as you’d think it would be.

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    1. Thank you! I used to hate the way I tend to analyse things in far too much detail, which resulted in overthinking everything, but it’s nice to see that seeing the finer details in things can be a positive attribute as well. Definetely, I think we grow up with this image in our heads that being a teenager is going to be the best time of our lives, and we’ll have fun and mess around and fall in love etc. but in reality it’s nothing like that, well at least for most people anyway! but I’m kind of glad my teenager years have been messy and all over the place, because I feel like I’ve grown so much as a person and become way more resiliant.

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