//My experience of educational-related stress//

​Stress. It’s something that most of us will suffer with at some point in our lives, and something that I feel we don’t talk about enough. I mean, it’s almost become something meaningless that sort of crops up in any general conversation about school or education – for example sometimes I’ll have a catch up with friends I don’t see often, and we’ll ask each other how college is going and just give a generic reply of “oh it’s okay, apart from the stress” but never elaborate on the stress, and I think it’s something that we should talk about more, because it can have huge impacts on the lives and health of young people.

It’s no secret that education has been reformed over the past 10, 20 and even 50 years, and I don’t know about other countries, but from my experience here in the UK, education has definitely become a lot harder, especially the examination system, and this has lead to a simultaneous increase in the amount of pressure and stress young people feel. 
One of the hardest things about trying to cope with educational-related stress as a young person, is that it’s hard for our parents to sympathise with us and really understand what we’re going through, because certainly in the case of my parents, education was a lot different back then, and although they still had some exams, they can’t remember having to work constantly, or revise for a prolonged period before their exams. For example, sometimes I get so stressed about the amount of work to do, that I can’t physically do it because my stress starts to affect my mental well-being, and I just don’t have the energy to work, or can’t focus on anything, and end up in a state of panic. In these times, my parents suggest to just take a break, postpone my work and tell me for the 1 billionth time that I spend far too much time working than is necessary. For me this just makes the situation worse, as postponing work just means it keeps piling up and up until I’m stuck in a situation where I just have too much to do in a the amount of time I have, and telling me I work too hard just makes me agitated, because even though I do do a lot of work, there is still so much more I need to do, I am no where near on top of my studies and the work I am doing isn’t effective as there is so much information I need to know that I can’t physically cram it into my brain – I basically forget everything five minutes after revising it, and my parents don’t understand that. 
I suffer from stress to the point where I constantly feel on edge, as if I’m about to snap at any moment, whether that be shouting at someone for no apparent reason or bursting into to tears. I’m sure I’m not alone, in fact, I know I’m not alone, because my friends and you guys are the only people who understand the stress we’re put through because of education, and we’re all too preoccupied with our own stress to help each other more than offering a few comforting words of “it’s okay, I understand”. 
I think it’s important to talk about stress more, because then maybe (it’s a long shot but we can hope) the government will realise that the pressure that the education system puts on us is not healthy. 
Honestly, I don’t know how long I can go on like this, stuck in this constant spiral of stress and fear. I don’t even know if I’ll pass this year or end up having to retake, I’m working as hard as I can, and as my parents say that’s all I can do, but the truth is it just. Isn’t. Enough. Not according to the new A Levels system anyway. And I know grades aren’t everything, but the constant fear of failing is always in the back of my head, because it’s been drilled into us for years that we need to get good grades. 

I’m not really sure what I wanted to achieve out of this post, I just wanted to let you know that if you too are suffering from stress, then you are most certainly not alone in this.


Author: Em is Lost

I'm a teenage blogger who loves adventure and the great outdoors. I enjoy blogging about a range of topics including scouting, politics, feminism, world affairs and the life of a teenager in general.

11 thoughts on “//My experience of educational-related stress//”

  1. I definitely found A-levels to be the main cause of stress when I was at school! I think I was probably the most stressed I’ve ever been! And I always dreaded the weeks leading up to the exams because I knew I would get so much worse! But just remember that, no matter how your exams go, your grades don’t define you 😊

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    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one! I can’t remember ever feeling this stressed before, I’m really not looking forward to exams, but I guess it’s nearly the end of the year now and I can relax more over summer. Thank you 😊

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  2. Em this post is so relatable! I too often find myself so stressed to the point that I’m physically ill and can’t do my work, which leads to more stress, which leads to feeling even worse.. It’s just an endless cycle! In The Netherlands education has only gotten harder as well (especially the examination) and it’s just so unfair – all the politicians who decide on this had it a lot easier back in school! Honestly it’s just not healthy what they’re doing to us :/

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    1. Aww I understand, glad I’m not alone although I wouldn’t want anyone to suffer from endless stress as well because it’s horrible :(( arghh yeah, apparently here it’s because Britain is ‘slipping’ behind the standard of Chinese education but like, why do the governments need to make our educations harder to keep up with global competition? Why does it even matter of Chinese students are getting higher grades than us??! It’s ridiculous! Exactly, they aren’t the ones that have to go through this, yet they think what they are doing is for the best (sometimes I feel so annoyed about the education system, it makes me want to get into politics so I could actually DO something about it 😂😂)


  3. I totally get this. Every day I’m terrified, panicky and worried because I’m just thinking I’ve done nothing recently BECAUSE I feel so stressed. People say stock phrases – “It’ll be okay,” “You’re going to do well!” but it doesn’t help. I think people NEED to talk about this more – it affects us so much and it’s unfair. Good luck to you: you’re not alone and when you need an exam rant, I’m here!

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    1. Yeah I get you! Yet being stressed to such an extent that you can’t physically work and feel ill isn’t an acceptable excuse for not doing homework. I know what you mean,my parents are culprits of that, like I know they try to help and just care about my welfare but constantly replying “oh you’ll get there eventually” whilst I’m having crisis’ over a levels and college and university and whatever just makes me feel worse, because my parents are the ones I’ve always gone to for solutions. Exactly! It helps to let it out sometimes, good luck to you too and same to you if you need a rant!


    1. It really is, thank you very much, I tried to get it across in a coherent way, but I was so stressed when writing it I just wanted to get it out. I suppose resits are always an option, I hate that we’re the guinea pig year 😭 it’s not very reassuring when you’re teachers aren’t even sure how the exams are.going to work! Thanks and good luck to you too!


  4. I guess this feeling of dread and constant stress is something every student experience, no matter which country they’re in. 😦 What frustrates me the most is adults telling me to stop being so anxious because there are people (e.g. Korean, Chinese, and Japanese students) who have it a lot harder than I do. It’s interesting that your parents’ generation didn’t experience such a harsh education, because here in Taiwan it’s the exact opposite–the curriculum was harder 20 years ago, which is probably why people say we shouldn’t complain about stress. The truth is, the system isn’t any friendlier, the problems aren’t solved, and we have to study the harder stuff anyway.
    Something that I find even more depressing is that we won’t be heading anywhere less stressful. People say that being a student is the best thing in life because education-related stress is the simplest form of stress. University is a whole new level of anxiousness (to me, anyway), and then there’s work, and then just life in general. Recently something that John Green had said in one of his videos frequently comes to mind: life is like a video game, it only gets harder until you die. It’s a really sad perspective, but it does ring true to me. I guess the only thing we can do is to find ways to live and deal with the stress, while finding other parts of life that’s enjoyable.
    Urgh, I rambled on. Sorry for leaving such a depressing comment. 😛 I hope you’re doing well, anyway, and good luck to you!

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    1. Hey, don’t worry about leaving a long comment – I understand what you’re feeling. Exactly, the truth is there will always be people in the world who have a harder education or live worse off than you, but you deserve happiness and to be stress-free as much as anyone. Ooh that’s interesting to know, I don’t see why they keep having to change the education systems around the world all the time. But despite the stress my education is causing me, I do feel very lucky to have it.

      That is true, life will get harder as we grow older, but it doesn’t mean it won’t get happier. As we overcome new obstacles, we become stronger and more able to cope with what lies ahead. But also, think of all the amazing things you’re going to do in the future, think of all the wonderful people you will meet along the way and the memories you’ll make and all the places you visit. Although life will be harder, you will do so many amazing things that will make the stress you’re experiencing now worth it. Good luck to you to! 😊


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