//Is space a waste?//

If I’m being honest, I’ve never really liked or been interested in space. I’ve always wondered why that was – considering everyone around me seems to be so intrigued by what’s ‘out there’. Recently though, I’ve discovered that I’m not interested in space because I simply don’t believe in it. I can understand if you think this sounds stupid, but let me explain. I’m not just being incredibly ignorant and refusing to acknowledge all of the years of evidence there is piled up against me here. I know we have proof that outer space is an actual thing and that there are other planets and stars apart form our Earth and Sun. I accept that we have a solar system, with eight other planets in it accept from Earth. What I don’t believe, however, is that there is anything more than just our solar system. I don’t believe that our solar system is just one of hundreds of millions and that there is ‘all that’ out there. To me, stars are just stars, not other suns with other planets orbiting them.

Anyway, before I end up making you all think I’m really dumb, let’s discuss why I think space exploration is a waste.

1. Money – it is no secret that space exploration costs a lot of money – the European Space Agency spent 4.3 billion euros on space exploration in 2014. To me, that just seems ridiculous. Why don’t we just spend our money on Earth where it is needed most at the moment to sort out our own problems of poverty etc. Space exploration seems like a bit of a lottery to me anyway – I mean, only a small proportion of space missions are actually successful and those that aren’t just resort in lots of wasted money which could be put to much better use on Earth. Apparently leaving the EU will give the UK ’16 billion pounds’ but that’s nothing compared to what we’d save if we stopped or at least reduced our funding of space exploration and research. No one really considers how much space actually costs us – everyone complains that the government is spending too much money on such and such but is space the real waste??

2. Why do we have to know the answers to everything? – A Little Daydreamer made an awesome YouTube video about this which you should totally watch because I really related to it and it inspired me to write this post (along with some hardcore physics revision earlier). Seriously though, why can’t we just let our imaginations run wild and all have our own interpretations of what space is? Why do we have to have a scientific explanation for everything? Why do we have to take away the ‘magic’ of everything by finding out how every single thing works and why it happens? Why can’t we just be content with the fact that we are alive on Earth and stop picking everything apart for ‘scientific research? I’m sorry but exploring space isn’t going to find a cure for terminal illnesses – there are much more important medical research programmes that we should be investing our money into.

3. Exploitation – we are already exploiting our Earth of it’s resources. Fossil fuels for one thing are near the end of their lifespan and on top of that we’ve destroyed animals habitats, caused the extinction of many species and just generally not taken care of the environment around us. Surely space is just another thing for us to ruin and exploit? There is already a lot of space debris just floating around in space from previous space missions and old satellites. It seems a shame to spoil such a natural thing as space with our man-made machinery and technology. Also, space debris poses a threat to our satellites that are actually in use now as even the tiniest bits of ‘space junk’ travel at extreme speeds and could cause satellites to blow up on impact. By the sounds of it we’ve succeeded in turning space into a deadly minefield of old space shuttle engines and broken satellites…

4. The ‘Goldilocks’ dilemma – even if all of out extensive space research did pay off an we were able to find another planet with the perfect conditions for human life, have you ever thought about what would happen down on Earth once we are equipped with this knowledge? The human race would be split over whether we should inhabit this planet as we’ve ruined ours anyway (what with global warming and climate change) or whether we should leave it be and pay the price for the damage we’ve done to Earth. Even if we did decide to inhabit this planet, who would go first? Most likely those who were able to pay the millions space travel would cost…and what about those who don’t want to go? Basically, it would just create one huge mess of problems that we really don’t need right now.

So, it’s clear that I believe that space exploration and research is a waste but I respect the fact that I will be in the minority saying this. You are all entitled to your own opinions and I’d love to know what you think about space and whether it is a waste or not. (Also if anyone else is like me and doesn’t believe in the universe/things outside of our solar system, please let me know so I don’t think I’m going mad)!! 🙂



Author: Em is Lost

I'm a teenage blogger who loves adventure and the great outdoors. I enjoy blogging about a range of topics including scouting, politics, feminism, world affairs and the life of a teenager in general.

16 thoughts on “//Is space a waste?//”

  1. The thing is, I agree with EVERYTHING you’re saying, but I still love the idea of space exploration even though it terrifies me. Also, exploring space could lead to us finding other life forms and that would be honestly terrible because it could be anything.

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    1. Really? Even though I don’t believe there is anything out there, if we did come across other life forms it would terrify me too. I think Enders Game is enough to put anyone off the idea of meeting other life forms to be honest! I wished I never watched that film now!

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  2. Omg Em this is such an interesting post! I had never given this much thought (probably because I’m not that interested in space), but you’re right, it’s a waste of money. There’s so much poverty in the world, so many illnesses that need to be cured, yet Europe alone spends THAT much money on space? If one dat everyone has enough money to get by and they have some money left, sure – I get the curiosity (but even then I’m sure there will be better causes to spend all that money on) but in this time and age? Nope nope nope. Please give that money to people who need it to survive!

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    1. Yeah exactly! There are much better uses for all that money then space and at the end of the day space exploration could never benefit anyone as much as finding a cure for cancer would. I totally agree, we are not in a position to be spending so much money one space and to be honest I don’t think we will ever be – there always seems to be one problem after another. 🙂

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  3. I agree with each and every point you said. The only good thing about space is that we’re investigating places to send Donald Trump to in order to protect society from fake combovers and skin that looks like a raw chicken breast

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    1. ^^^ oh yes please. this country is doomed if he continues in the race, can’t we send him to the literal middle of nowhere so he can try and spray tan some aliens? pretty please?

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  4. no one here has ever really bothered to take a stand against this. It’s always just been, “yeah there’s a bunch of stuff out there. We’ll find it one day.” I’ve never considered the other side of things. This was a really cool post and I can honestly say that it really made me think.

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  5. I’m a space enthusiast and an aspiring astronomer/physicist. So yeah, if NASA or ESA or whatever space agency confirms another space mission I would be the one excitedly screaming and jumping up and down. Uhhh, seems like I’m the minority here in the comment section. Oh well. 😛
    There is no absolute right or wrong on this subject matter, as both sides have legit reasons and I understand why people think of it the way they do. Heck, some of the reasons you wrote about have probably run through my mind a million times and have given me multiple existential crises.
    In the end of the day though it all comes down to what you value the most. Some people are deeply passionate about the wellbeing of others, while some have the THIRST for knowledge. To them scientific research doesn’t ruin the magic; on the contrary it brings new insight and beauty to what they’re “picking apart”. They just have to know because there is absolute joy in that, just as people who derive satisfaction from helping people or from making art. Can we say that art is a waste?
    And it DOES take a lot of money, but it isn’t a waste just because we don’t find extraterrestrial organisms or a second Earth. From the brainstorming to the preparation of the missions, new ideas and inventions are generated, many of which are actually being used in our daily life.
    I’m not really sure about this, but I once saw a chart demonstrating the expense (or budget) of USA. It said that space exploration and scientific research only occupies a very small portion of the money, and a lot has already gone to social welfare and military use.
    On a unrelated note, those space junk wouldn’t have existed if we didn’t invent and launch multiple satellites. Space junk is a difficult problem, yes, but we can make it better along the way (trying to be positive here).
    So maybe some of us are a bit too obsessed with space. Understanding each side of the argument would definitely bring awareness and thus the search for solutions to the problems you wrote about, but I hope you also understand why some feel that it isn’t a waste. And…that’s my two cents. I really enjoy your post though! You got your points across quite clearly and those are great problems to think about.
    (Sorry for the long-ass comment 😛 )

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    1. Hey it’s fine to be in the minority! To be honest I’m quite happy you’ve commented and made me think of other point of views too! Looking back now I feel like my post was a bit onesided and rant like so sorry if it offended you in any way! I think it’s great that your interested in space and I’m so glad that you’ve opened my eyes to your point of view because at school I’m used to just hearing people say ‘I love space’ but they never have any reasons to back it up other than it’s ‘cool’ to like space. Don’t appologise for the long comment and I’m glad you were able to enjoy the post even though you have a different viewpoint!! 🙂

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      1. Hey, no worries, I love reading your post, it’s the type that makes me think. And to be fair one of the reasons I like space is that I find it unreasonably cool, haha.
        I’m glad we both get to learn something new. 🙂

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