//Because I’m totally asking for sexual attention…//

As I am growing up, the issue of girls wearing ‘appropriate’ clothing as been brought more and more to my attention and has become more relevant to me. When it comes to summer, I like to wear dresses and shorts as much as the next female, but lately I have been under constant criticism from my family.

Over the past few years, conflict has arisen between those who believe that women (specifically teen girls in my case) should expect to receive sexual attention if they wear ‘short’ clothing and those who believe that women should be able to wear whatever they like without being viewed as a sexual object.

I stand firmly with the latter, and I’m sure many of you will too. A girl shouldn’t have to worry about receiving remarks and accusations that they are ‘purposely attracting sexual attention’ due to what she is wearing. Wearing a dress, skirt or pair of hot pants shouldn’t be seen as girls presenting themselves as sexual objects. How is it fair that men can walk around with no shirt on but as soon as a women shows any leg above her knee she is accused of ‘wanting’ sexual attention and dressing ‘inappropriately’? Two words: it’s not.   

Ooh look at me being a rebel and showing my legs on holiday with my friends last year (pls don’t tell my mum, haha).

I, personally, do not let the fear of attracting unwanted attention and being accused of being a ‘slut’ put me off of wearing skirts and dresses. However, it appears that my mother (and entire family for that matter) stand with the first category of people I mentioned earlier; they believe that girls who wear short clothing (which is anything above knee length according to my mother) are just asking for attention and to be viewed as inviting sex.

(^^the times I have been forced to wear leggings with dresses and shorts)

Hence, whenever I pick out a dress that I like in a shop or online, I am faced with a barrage of criticisms along the lines of ‘oh it’s a shame it’s so short’, ‘that’s far too short to be a dress’ or ‘oh that’s nice, you can wear it over a pair of jeans or leggings’ (who even wears a dress over jeans anyway??) One word: NO.

I am not going to give in and ‘cover up’ just so men can control their sexual temptations. I want to live in a society where every girl can walk around feeling comfortable and confident in what she is wearing  – whether it be a pair of skinny jeans or a dress – but how can we achieve this when many females – like my mum for example – have resigned themselves to the fact that they are going to become sexual objects whenever they wear dresses or skirts or shorts? Lots of women say they want this idea of wearing dresses and skirts attracting unwanted sexual attention to stop yet they aren’t prepared to fight against it and instead simply avoid wearing such clothes. This is not the way to stop this.

If you want to wear a dress, go and put a dress on! If you want to wear hot pants – wear them! Don’t let the fear of receiving sexual attention put you off because the more we show we are not afraid to show our legs in public, the more of a norm this will become and the more unacceptable it will become to criticise women who wear short clothing.

Women didn’t get the vote by standing back and waiting for men to decide it was a good idea and we are not going to stop receiving unwanted sexual attention by waiting for men to decide that maybe it isn’t acceptable to see women as sex objects whenever we show our skin. We need to stand up against this. Are you with me?

Side note: I am not attacking men and I’m sorry if I gave you this impression, I am simply stating that this is an issue within our society that involves the way women are viewed inappropriately and that this issue generally lies within the male population.


Author: Em is Lost

I'm a teenage blogger who loves adventure and the great outdoors. I enjoy blogging about a range of topics including scouting, politics, feminism, world affairs and the life of a teenager in general.

22 thoughts on “//Because I’m totally asking for sexual attention…//”

    1. Yeah exactly it’s so unfair like instead of teaching men how to treat us appropriately we are told to just avoid situations were it is possible that we could be harassed. Glad you could relate!

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  1. I completely and 100% agree with every word of this. I did a long speech about exactly this for part of my English GCSE, and the words of my invigilator (who was female) were ridiculous and I left baffled knowing some women actually believe that we are being sexual prey for men by wearing clothing that makes us comfortable and that defines us.. I am so happy to see someone who shares my passionate belief in feminism.

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    1. Yay! Go you! I’d love to be able to do a speech on feminism AND have it go towards GCSEs. Yeah this whole issue is just ridiculous and so misunderstood by society that it’s frustrating.

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  2. This is a really inspiring and great post.Little story here: I spent a year in Utah and lived with a Mormon family. Mormons are known to be really conservative and dressing the right way is really important for them. The problem is in Utah it gets really hot during the summer. I had a couple shorts and I asked my host sister if they were long enough so I could wear them. I didn’t want to offend anybody. She said it was okay and she even wore those pants herself a couple of times. But one day one of my little host cousins came up to me and ask me how I can walk around in shorts like that and if I wouldn’t like to wear longer pants. It made ma really mad because no one had a problem with them and I don’t understand why I should sweat to death while the boys could just take off their shirts if they are hot…

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  3. YES. I’ve been thinking a lot about this kind of thing lately, because one of my friends made a comment about like ‘all the disgusting revealing clothing’ or something. And it frustrates me a lot that people assume things about me when I’m wearing a short skirt — it doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m looking for attention or brainwashed by society or whatever. Women are constantly sexualised by the media and society yet condemned for it at the same time? :/ Anyway, great post!

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    1. Yeah it frustrates me too (hence the post, haha) it’s all so contradictary – like if we wear short clothing we are accused of wanting attention yet it is perfectly acceptable for the media to portray women wearing revealing clothing as being attractive and acceptable!?!?! Society makes no sense sometimes! Thank youuu 🙂

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  4. I totally agree with everything you said, women should wear whatever they want without being judged or misunderstood!!! There’s nothing wrong about wearing dresses or shorts.
    P.S. Great post!! XD XD

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