//Stress and de-stressing//

Hello! So as you can probably tell from my lack of blogging this week, I have been VERY busy. It is now just under 4 weeks until exams start so revision is taking up most of my time right now. Although for the past week I have been having a little ‘break’ from revision as when I went back to school on Monday I was so stressed and exhausted from doing 3-4 hours of revision per day during the two-week break. So although I have only been doing half as much revision as I should have been, I still only managed to write one post – who knows whether I’ll be able to blog at all in the next few weeks and months??

I never though exams would stress me out so much. Last week I have just felt so exhausted and needed to sleep all the time. Plus I haven’t been having the best of weeks friend-wise so that hasn’t really helped.

However, whilst searching for ways to de-stress and chill a little before I lose my mind over revision, I came across meditation. I mean, obviously I have heard of meditation before – when I did martial arts in primary school we used to meditate at the beginning of the session so I thought why not try it again? I discovered this great app called Headspace which is free on Android and Apple and is basically a culmination of podcast lessons teaching you how to meditate. Unfortunately, you only get 10 lessons free but you can replay the sessions at any time so I’m probably just going to do the sessions over and over again. Each session lasts for 10 minutes and they are really easy to follow. So far I have done two sessions and I am really starting to notice the difference. I just feel generally calmer in myself and my mood has lifted a lot as I was feeling quite down last week. I recommend doing them in the morning so you start your day off on the right foot but I guess they would work any time you have a spare 10 minutes. I am going to attempt to do a session before I go to school each morning (depending on how much spare time I have) as I find this is the time when I am most stressed/nervous and could do with relaxing. I definitely recommend you check it out if you, like me, are extremely stressed over exams and revision right now.

Aside from stress, I have had quite a pleasant weekend. Yesterday I went to Airhop trampoline park (for the 4th time) for a friend’s birthday and it was really fun! Then today I participated in the annual St George’s Day parade with Scouts. We paraded through the local town then had a service in the park which was…interesting to say the least. About half way through the service, a French man ran in front of the vicar (and the roughly 200 Scouts + members of the public who gathered to watch the service) waving the European Union flag and shouting ‘don’t leave us Europe, tout le monde loves you!’ Everyone was a little shocked at first but after a few minutes some of the Scout leaders stood up and led him away from the front. As you will know (if you read my last post about the EU, which you can read here), I am a strong supporter of staying in the EU, and I guess this is kind of proof that Europe agrees with me (well, one man anyway)!

In other news, I wrote my first ever guest post this week for the awesome Feminista’s blog about Scouting and periods. I’m, really grateful for the Feminista’s for letting me guest post because I think just generally we need to reduce the stigma surrounding periods and I wanted to share my experiences of being female in a mainly male Scout group and all the problems that entails. I’d be really grateful if you could take a look at my post here and also The Feminista’s blog in general because they discuss many important topics which we could all do with considering and thinking about.

Finally, today I bought a new pair of shoes and I am soooo in love with them! Even though they are men’s shoes, I still bought them because they are such a nice colour and are really comfy. Plus I don’t see what’s wrong with wearing men shoes or men wearing womens shoes – shoes are shoes are shoes, right? Anyway, here they are:


Anyway, that’s all for now. Can’t promise I’ll be able to post much or at all next week but I wish you all an amazing week anyway and hope to speak to you guys soon! 🙂

P.S Sorry for the bad photo quality!


Author: Em is Lost

I'm a teenage blogger who loves adventure and the great outdoors. I enjoy blogging about a range of topics including scouting, politics, feminism, world affairs and the life of a teenager in general.

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