//It’s my future not yours//

Don’t you just hate it when teachers at school keep going on about college and university and careers and futures and what not?
At my school, I have a lot of teachers who just ‘assume’ that we are all going to do maths or chemistry or English or whatever at a-level. Like in maths my teacher often teachers us how to do really hard stuff then says ‘oh but you won’t need to know this until you do a-level maths’. What’s the point in teaching it to us then? Maths is confusing enough as it is but my teacher just assumes we are all going to carry on studying maths after this year just because we are in top set.

And my chemistry teacher, another fine example of a teacher that is constantly telling us all about ‘what we’ll learn at a-level’ as if we are all going to study chemistry. This teacher is always going off on ramblings about science that’s not really relevant to what we are supposed to be learning and to be honest I’d rather just learn the facts from a book.

Science and maths really aren’t my thing. I’m more of a humanities person, hence why I am not picking any maths or science subjects at a-level. I guess people’s brains just work differently which is why we are all better at some things than others.

I used to think my chemistry teacher didn’t like me because I show little interest in lessons and probably don’t put all my effort in. I know I should work harder and I am now because exams are approaching and I do want to get a good grade in science. Anyway, today my opinion of what this teacher thinks of me completely changed:

1. Because he called me by my ACTUAL name yesterday (which I was almost about to write on here for explanation purposes, oops) – instead of saying Miss [insert surname here] or singling me out by reading out my full name in the register and only reading everyone else’s first names. The struggles of having a common name…

2. Because he pulled me over when I was walking through the school yesterday and asked me if I’d be interested on going on a trip to Oxford university in the summer with five of six others from my year group. I was so suprised, especially when he said he thinks I stand a chance of getting in there. Like, WHAT?! ME GO TO OXFORD?! YOU MUST BE JOKING. But no, he was being serious, he’s not much of a joker.
So, yeah, that happened. The teacher I always thought hated me because I hate science invited me to go to Oxford and told me I’m intelligent.

In all honesty, I have no intention of going to Oxford. I mean, sure it would be great to go to possibly the UK’s best university but, the application and interview process would be so stressful and having grown up by the coast, I’d definitely HAVE to go to a university on the south coast to feel even remotely at home for the however many years I’ll be there. I hate being far away from the sea as I’m used to just getting in the car or grabbing a bus for a ten minute journey to the sea so.
Plus I haven’t even got all my GCSE results yet or sat the exams, let alone started college and completed my a-levels so I don’t really need to be thinking about university for a while.

However, I will take up the offer to go and visit Oxford because it’s a free day trip AND it will be after I officially finish school so it will probably be one of the last times I actually see the other people who are going.

I just wish my teachers would stop trying to control and plan out my future so much though, I mean, it’s my future, right? In any case, I certainly know a lot more about myself and what I am interested in than they do. But I guess they just care about their students, which can’t really be a bad thing.

I scheduled this and it feels weird. In case you are wondering, I’m currently having my 6th hour of a 9 hour school day. My school usually finished at 3 pm but on Wednesday I go to English after school until 4pm then Maths from 5:30 until 7:30. So yeah, no time for blogging on Wednesday’s. 😦 And don’t ask about the random photos with my blog posts, I love photography and I always try to find one of my photo’s that links to the post but…yeah, sometimes I don’t have one, as you can tell, so you’ll just have to put up of this photo of a beach. 🙂


Hope you’re having a great day!.


Author: Em is Lost

I'm a teenage blogger who loves adventure and the great outdoors. I enjoy blogging about a range of topics including scouting, politics, feminism, world affairs and the life of a teenager in general.

5 thoughts on “//It’s my future not yours//”

  1. i relate to this so much, it drives me crazy when my teachers drone on, asking us what we are going to be doing at a level and what universities we want to apply to. it’s just added stress on top of exams and i don’t think they realise it

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