//Follow your own path//


I am a strong believer that everyone is capable of achieving
their dreams and that there are many ways of getting there.

Although in the UK it is drilled into us that we need to pass our GCSEs then we need to go to college then university etc, this is not the only way of achieving what you want.

Personally I am more of an academic person so I cope well (ish) with exams and school work and what not. Being at school motivated me to work hard and get the grades I want so I can give something back to my teachers but I know others aren’t like me.

It makes me sad that our education system doesn’t work for everyone. There are too many people in my school and my friendship groups even that just aren’t motivated to work hard because the system doesn’t work for them and some find the sheer work load just too indimidating.

I like to keep on top of my work load but some people get buried under the weight of it all – I expect I will too as we get nearer to exams.

Although I know I will need to work hard and put all my effort into my A-Levels next year so I can go to university and study history, I know that there are other ways to get to a career in history.

I have a plan b and a plan c and a plan xyz – well, I haven’t thought out these plans in exact detail but that’s not the point. The point is that if your first plan fails, it doesn’t matter, there are other ways of getting to your goal for example apprenticeships.

What does annoy me though is when people don’t put effort into their exams because they can’t be bothered and know that they can do a course at college no matter what GCSE grades they get. That makes me very sad because these people will look back and wonder where they could be now if they had tried to the best of their ability. But that’s their problem, not mine.

I can’t wait to go to college and begin the next stage of my journey. Most of my friends are taking different paths to me though and going to different colleges/sixth forms and studying different things. But that’s ok because I know they’ve found they’re own paths and it makes me happy that they have the confidence and determination to pursue their own unique pathways.

What are your next steps in education? Do you want go to university? What career would you like?

I find it interesting to hear what other people want to do so please comment below! πŸ™‚

Now I must get back to revision, I’ve been in town all day with my friends and haven’t managed to do a single piece of work I had planned. Ooops. I did however buy some lush (my West Country accent is showing… 😂) matte dark red nail polish and some really really dark blue skinny jeans so I have done something productive…

Anyway, I hope you’re having/have had a lovely day! πŸ˜‰

Em @em_is_lost99


Author: Em is Lost

I'm a teenage blogger who loves adventure and the great outdoors. I enjoy blogging about a range of topics including scouting, politics, feminism, world affairs and the life of a teenager in general.

6 thoughts on “//Follow your own path//”

  1. Wow we must be the same age because I’m starting my A-Levels next year too. I’m also going to do history as an A-Level ans am really looking forward to it, just got to get through gcse’s first! I’m really quite nervous about them and haven’t really properly started revising for them yet but I did some work today! Great post by the way! – Jess x

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    1. Ooooh cool! I love history soooo much. It’s weird thinking that we only have like 4 months left of school. I’m so nervous about gcse’s too although I’ve already done history, geography and English. There is just so much stuff to revise! Don’t worry I haven’t really started revising properly yet anyway and thanks, glad you liked it!

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